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Andrew Cantu, Mediator and NPC Intern

I am a student intern at New Path Center, working with clients in mediation, restorative justice, and mental health advocacy. I am a Biblical Seminary student at Fresno Pacific University working towards a Master’s degree in both Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, as well as Marriage and Family Therapy, with the plan to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).

My goal is to work in private practice to expand mental health awareness and improve quality of life in children, adults, and families wherever God’s will calls me. Additionally, I plan to work alongside the criminal justice system as a mental health professional in an effort to further the restorative justice movement wherever possible with hopes of reducing juvenile crime and repairing relationships impacted by it. I have a heart for people in need, and plan on growing God’s Kingdom as a professional by addressing each individual need to the best of my ability. 

To contact Andrew, call him at (559) 916-0661