Who We Are

In January of 2005, Tony and Bonnie Redfern established New Path Center, a destination along their own life journey. Tony and Bonnie hold graduate degrees in peacemaking and conflict studies/theology, as well as certificates in death and grief studies to be able to companion those who experience loss and other life transitions. Their vision for New Path Center is to provide a safe place to address the reconciliation needs of individuals, couples, families, communities, churches, and organizations.

Paths are made by walking.
— Franz Kafka

Bonnie Redfern

Bonnie brings 25-years of experience as a credentialed educator to work alongside Tony in this ministry as a mediator, trainer, and grief counselor. She was a mentor and master teacher who successfully implemented constructive conflict resolution theory, skills, and practice into the classroom. Her endeavors prove that concepts of grace, forgiveness, restoration, and respect are workable and motivating themes for students, as well as in parent and school interventions, and in training new teachers to create classrooms where respect nurtures a positive learning environment. Bonnie is experienced in teaching these concepts to adult learners who seek to implement them in their families, organizations, and communities. She is a certified grief counselor.

Education and Training:

B.A. Psychology/Elementary Education, Biola University, 1974

M.A. Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, Fresno Pacific University, 2003

Certificate in Death and Grief Studies, Center for Loss, Colorado State University, 2003

California Teaching Credential, Multiple Subject

Language Development Specialist Certificate

Tony Redfern

Tony's background and experience includes a thirty-year career in business including positions in management, sales, and marketing within small and large companies, and national corporations. Tony started his mediation career in 1992, as a volunteer mediator doing Restorative Justice cases with juvenile offenders and their victims through the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP). In the last two decades, his mediation case load has grown to include many other types of mediations, where people are stuck in their conflict and want to obtain forgiveness and/or agreement. Tony is an experienced mediator, trainer, grief counselor, and a licensed minister.

Education and Training:

B.A. Sociology, Biola University, 1973

M.A. Theology, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, 2004

Certificate in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, Fresno Pacific University, 2004

Certificate in Death and Grief Studies, Center for Loss, Colorado State University, 2003

Licensed Minister, 2000


Publications by Bonnie:

Caring for Donor Families: Before, during and after, Chapter Prefaces, Alan D. Wolfelt and Raelynn Maloney, Companion Press, 2001.

Experiencing Peace with Loss: Looking at grief through the lens of peacemaking, Master’s Thesis, Fresno Pacific University, 2003.

“Discovering Peace in a Winter of Grief,” Christian Leader, January, 2005, Vol. 68, No. 1

"Hope and Reconciliation with Grief". Bonnie Redfern in The Promise of Restorative Justice: New Approaches for Criminal Justice and Beyond. Dussich and Schellenberg, Editors. 2010


New Path Center Board of Directors

Active Board Members

Brian Griffin, Associate Pastor Alistair Robertson, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker, Children's Hospital of Central California

Bonnie Redfern, M.A., Mediator and Pastoral Counselor, New Path Center ***

Regina Burch-Konda, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Part-Time Faculty at CSUF

Andrew Cantu, Graduate Student, Mediator, Intern at New Path Center 

Tim Zavala, LCSW, Clinical Director, Tulare Youth Service Bureau **

Tony Redfern, M.A., Senior Mediator, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Pastoral Counselor at New Path Center *

Advisory Board Members

Stephanie Grant, LCSW

Alistair Robertson, Social Worker

George Martin, Retired, Business Consultant

Joe Saubert, Associate Pastor

Karin Lyon, M.A., Retired Educator

Board of Directors Officers

* President

** Vice President

*** Secretary/Treasurer